What are the synthetic methods of isoamyl alcohol?

Synthesis of isoamyl alcohol

1. the product naturally exists in strawberry in the form of ester; Peppermint; Citronella; Ammonium leaf oil and rum, etc. It can be obtained by acidizing or carbonylation of C4 olefins. Starch; 3-methyl-1-butanol (85% of fusel oil) can be obtained by chemical treatment and distillation of fusel oil, a byproduct of sugar dense alcohol fermentation.

2. the amyl alcohol obtained by fermentation contains optically active amyl alcohol and isoamyl alcohol. The separation of these two components can first be made into barium salt of acid sulfate, which is separated by the small solubility of isoamyl alcohol ester salt. Or heat isoamyl alcohol and concentrated sulfuric acid in a steam bath for 8 hours, remove the acid separately, shake with calcium carbonate, and repeat steam distillation for refining. Or boil with concentrated potassium hydroxide solution and isoamyl alcohol, wash with dilute phosphoric acid solution, dry with potassium carbonate and anhydrous copper sulfate, and fractionate.

3. boil isoamyl alcohol with potassium hydroxide solution, wash with dilute phosphoric acid, dry and distill to obtain pure isoamyl alcohol.

4. it is separated from fusel oil. The detergent and fusel oil are mixed in a mixing kettle, bubbled, stirred, washed and layered with an air compressor, then the washing liquid is discharged from the bottom of the mixing kettle, and then sent to the distillation kettle to start distillation. Purified raw material fusel oil can be obtained. The fraction with cutting temperature before 120 ℃ is low-carbon mixed alcohol; The fraction with cutting temperature between 120 ~ 128 ℃ is isoamyl alcohol with content of more than 95%; Cut the fraction above 128 ℃ into isoamyl alcohol with a content of more than 99.88%.

5. it is separated from fusel oil. Fusel oil is a by-product in the production of alcohol or Baijiu. In addition to isoamyl alcohol, fusel oil also contains ethanol, n-propanol, isobutanol, etc.

6. using industrial isoamyl alcohol as raw material, wash with dilute hydrochloric acid first, and then wash with water to remove hydrochloric acid. The water in the solution is absorbed with anhydrous potassium carbonate, filtered and then rectified. The finished product is obtained by collecting 131 ~ 132 ℃ fractions under normal pressure.

7. take alcohol or fusel oil, a by-product in the production of Baijiu, as raw material. First, use chemical detergent to stir and wash under the condition of air, and wash more than 95% of impurities, water and colored substances. After static stratification, distill the lower liquid, collect the fraction between 120 ℃ and 128 ℃, and the content of isoamyl alcohol is more than 95%; Collect and distill above 128 ℃, and the content of isoamyl alcohol is above 99.88%.

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