Composition and precautions of essence for wine

Essence for wine is composed of main flavor, auxiliary flavor and fixing flavor.

1. The function of the main perfume is mainly reflected in the smell. Its characteristics are: high volatility, short residence time of the aroma, small dosage, but the aroma is particularly prominent.

2. The role of flavor AIDS is the deficiency of the main flavor AIDS, which makes the wine more pure, rich, elegant, delicate, harmonious and plump. In the composition of wine essence, except for the main flavor, most other flavors mainly play the role of flavor AIDS.

3. The main function of deodorant is to make the empty cup of wine stay fragrant for a long time and have a long aftertaste. Such as Sabbath perfume, cinnamon oil and other spices can be used as the fixative of wine essence.


The types of wine essence used in preparing wine flavor include esters, acids, alcohols, phenols, amines, terpenoids, aldehydes, ketones, heterocyclic compounds, sulfur-containing compounds, lactones, furans, etc.

The main components of wine essence are esters, acids, alcohols, and carbonyl compounds.

matters needing attention

1. The preparation of essence for wine should be based on the full harmony of wine flavor, fruit flavor, medicine flavor, etc., so as to make people feel pleasant, elegant and natural.

2. The selection and proportion of main flavor agent, auxiliary flavor agent and fixing flavor agent shall be appropriate, stable and uniform. The main fragrance can be slightly prominent to show its typicality, but not too much. Flavor AIDS should make the wine harmonious and full. The deodorant should have a certain adsorption capacity to make the wine rich and long-lasting, and the empty cup has a long fragrance.

3. The wine flavor shall be of good quality and pure aroma, meeting the requirements of food hygiene.

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