Is there any relation between linoleic acid and human health?

Linoleic acid is a recognized fatty acid. Linoleic acid can reduce blood cholesterol and prevent atherosclerosis. It is found that cholesterol must be combined with linoleic acid before normal operation and metabolism can be carried out in the body. If linoleic acid is lacking, cholesterol will combine with some saturated fatty acids, cause metabolic disorders, deposit on the blood vessel wall, gradually form atherosclerosis, and cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Storage method

Packed in stainless steel or aluminum barrels. Certain antioxidant ve (or tert butyl p-hydroxyanisole) shall be added during storage. Store in a cool and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight, and keep away from heat source and oxidant. Store and transport as general chemicals. Storage temperature: 2~8 º C.

Main purpose

Linoleic acid can reduce blood lipids, soften blood vessels, reduce blood pressure and promote microcirculation. It can prevent or reduce the incidence rate of cardiovascular diseases, especially for the prevention and treatment of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, angina pectoris, coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis and senile obesity. It can prevent the deposition of human serum cholesterol in the blood vessel wall, and has the reputation of "blood vessel scavenger", It has the health care effect of preventing atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

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