Do you know the uses of benzyl acetate?

Benzyl acetate is a kind of colorless liquid with fragrant jasmine fragrance. The chemical formula is c9h10o2, insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether and insoluble in glycerol. Keep the operation site well ventilated. Protective equipment shall be provided for operators. It exists in flue-cured tobacco, burley tobacco, oriental tobacco and mainstream flue gas. The pure product is used to prepare Jasmine type flower essence and soap essence. The common product is used as the solvent of resin, as well as spray paint and ink.


1. use of spices. Benzyl acetate is the main component of jasmine flower extract, which is fragrant; Ylang is an indispensable perfume in the deployment of flower essence. Because of its low price, it is mostly used for soap and other industrial essence. Often in jasmine; Brandy; Hosta; It is widely used in essence such as yuexiaxiang and Narcissus, and a small amount can also be used in raw pears; Apple; Banana; Mulberry fruit and other edible essence.

2. solvent use benzyl acetate is dissolved in water by 0.23% (weight) and insoluble in glycerol. But it can be mixed with alcohol; Ether; Ketones, aliphatic hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbons are miscible. For grease; Nitrocellulose; Cellulose acetate has good solubility and can dissolve rosin; Glycerol tri rosin ester; Coumarin resin, etc. Therefore, it is used as shellac paint; Alkyd resin; Nitrocellulose; Cellulose acetate; Dyes; grease Solvent for printing ink, etc.

3. fruit, pineapple, grape, banana, strawberry and other fruit flavored edible essence, the dosage is generally 760mg/kg in gum according to normal production needs; 34mg/kg in candy; 22mg/kg in baked goods; 14mg/kg in cold drinks; 7.8mg/kg in soft drinks.

4. the pure product is used to prepare jasmine and other flower essence. Common products are used as solvents for resins, as well as paint and ink.

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