Application of ethyl butyrate

Ethyl butyrate is used in the extraction of spices and essence and as a solvent. Ethyl butyrate can be used in the formulation of daily chemical essence, but the dosage is very small. It is widely used in the formulation of edible essence, such as banana, pineapple, etc., and can be used to prepare a variety of fruit flavor essence and other flavor essence.

Preparation: ethyl butyrate can be prepared by esterification of n-butyric acid and ethanol. N-butyric acid, ethanol and concentrated sulfuric acid are heated for fractionation, cooled and washed with a large amount of water, then neutralized with sodium carbonate solution, washed with water, added with desiccant, and fractionated to receive 120 ℃ -121 ℃ fraction after filtration.

Source: naturally present in some essential oils.

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