Application of ethyl heptanate

Application of ethyl heptanate

1. used as food flavoring agent, organic synthesis and perfume preparation.

2.. It is used as flower essence, fruit essence and essence for tobacco and wine. It is allowed to be used in gb-2760-96. It is mainly used to prepare essence such as cherry, grape, cognac, cheese, blueberry and berry.

3. for organic synthesis and perfume preparation

4. the food flavors permitted by the hygienic standard for the use of food additives are mainly used to prepare flavor essence such as strawberry, banana, grape, cherry, apricot, peach, cream and cheese, and wine essence such as champagne, brandy and rum. As a head fragrance, it is also used in fruit, Cologne, rose and other daily chemical essence. 340mg/kg in gum sugar; 24mg/kg in baked goods; 17mg/kg in candy and 8.5 ~ 20mg/kg in alcohol; 7.5mg/kg in cold drinks; 6.8mg/kg in soft drinks

5. ethyl heptanate has pineapple aroma and can be used as flower essence, fruit essence, tobacco and wine essence. It can also be used in organic synthesis.

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