What are the uses of ethyl oleate?

This product is a mixture of fatty acid ethyl ester, and the main component is ethyl oleate.

[properties] this product is colorless to light yellow clear solution.

[application] ethyl oleate is mainly used for the preparation of lubricants, water resisting agents, resin toughening agents, surfactants, pharmaceutical excipients, plasticizers, ointment matrices and other organic chemicals. Because of its small viscosity and easy absorption by body tissues, it can be used as an excellent solvent for steroids and other lipid drugs, as well as a carrier and microemulsion for some intramuscular injection preparations. As a chemical reagent, it is mainly used as gas chromatography stationary liquid (up to 120 ℃). At the same time, it can also be used in the formula of daily chemical essence and edible essence. It is commonly used in baked food, frozen dairy products and beverages. Therefore, ethyl oleate has high practical value in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

[executive standard] Chinese Pharmacopoeia, 2015 edition, Volume 4

[approval No.] gsyzz

[storage and transportation] keep in a closed and dry place.

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