You don't know the wine uses essence!

You don't know the wine uses essence!

1. essence for wine

It is mainly composed of main flavor agent, auxiliary flavor agent and fixing flavor agent. The main flavor agent has high volatility, short aroma time and outstanding aroma. The function of auxiliary flavor agent is to supplement the main flavor agent, making the wine more pure, rich, elegant and delicate. The fixing flavor agent makes the wine cup stay fragrant for a long time and has a long aftertaste. Rest incense, cinnamon oil and other spices can be used as fixative. The ingredients are esters, acids, alcohols and carbonyl compounds. The wine flavor should be of good quality and meet the requirements of food hygiene.

2. function of essence for wine

Essence for wine is made by using deodorized edible alcohol and distilled water as the solvent, and scientifically proportioning and blending a variety of wine flavors. Proper use can improve the taste, quality and grade of wine, and the dosage range of wine essence is generally about 1% ~ 5%

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