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Henan Kangyuan Flavor Factory Co., Ltd. is located in the east section of Weishi Renmin Road (Jialu River Beach). It is an enterprise engaged in the production and sales of edible essence, food additives and fine chemical products. The unified social credit code is 9141023799151685b. The company was founded in 1997 with a registered capital of 8.5 million yuan. The factory covers an area of 14300 square meters, and the factory building area is 13600 square meters. It has 186 employees, including high There are 48 technicians with intermediate title. The main products for production and sales include: food additives (ethyl caproate, ethyl lactate, ethyl propionate, ethyl isobutyrate, ethyl butyrate, ethyl acetate, ethyl heptanate, isoamyl acetate, ethyl octanoate, propyl acetate, phenylethanol, 2,3 butanedione, glacial acetic acid (low-pressure carbonylation method), lactic acid, caproic acid, butyric acid, propionic acid, acetal, glycerol, allyl hexanoate, allyl heptanate), The actual comprehensive production capacity of essence for food (essence liquid for food) and compound food additives (compound alcohol flavor enhancers) has reached 30000 tons / year, with fixed assets of 28.1 million yuan and total assets of 132 million yuan.

Company philosophy

Company philosophy
People oriented

Strengthen the country and enrich the people

Corporate vision

Become an enterprise that has stood for a century and has influenced the world.

Enterprise values
Customer orientation and win-win cooperation; People oriented and altruistic thinking;

Kangyuan people always adhere to the concept of "people-oriented, strengthening the country and enriching the people", and take "respect for people, dedication, punctuality and trustworthiness" as the criterionTake the development of aromatherapy industry as our task, and constantly develop new technologies and productsThe enterprise continues to grow
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