Ethyl propionate

Product features:

    This product can make low boiling point esters coordinate with each other and make the head fragrant and plump

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  • Product introduction

Product attributes

  • Ethyl propionate:

  • Executive standard: GB 1886.193-2020

  • Molecular formula: C5H10O2

  • China Code: s0402

  • Chemical structure:

  • Other regulations: fema:2456; JECFA:28;  COE:402;  CAS:105-37-3

quality standard



Scope, amount and purpose of use

1. According to the provisions of GB 2760-2020, various edible essence can be prepared appropriately according to production needs. According to FEMA (mg/kg): soft drink 7.7; Cold drinks 78; Baked goods 110; Pudding 10-15; Gum sugar 1100

2. In Baijiu, this product can coordinate the low boiling point esters and make the head fragrance plump. The content in Baijiu is 2-29mg/l, and the content in Luzhou flavor liquor is generally 10-29mg/l.

3. In 50% (v/v) deodorized ethanol, containing 10mg/l, it has weak rum aroma and slightly astringent taste.

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